HG Natural Stone Cement Grout Film Remover 1L

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  • Features : “HG natural stone cement grout film remover (product 31) • also for granite and marble composite HG natural stone cement grout film remover is a non-acidic formula that safely removes cement film and limescale residues from marble and other types of calciferous natural stone such as travertine; bluestone; and hard stone and is also extremely suitable for concrete tiles with pieces of natural stone incorporated; such as granite and marble composite. Only use this product for marble and other types of calciferous natural stone. Other cement removers can seriously damage the calciferous natural stone. Directions: Floor cleaning: Remove as much loose cement and limescale as possible beforehand. Dissolve half a litre in half a bucket (SL) of water. For more intensive soiling; a stronger solution can be made of 1 litre of this product to 4 litres of water. First wet the surface with clean water and then apply the solution using a floor cloth or mop. Do not treat more than 10 to 15 m2 at once. Scrub the surface well with a scrubbing brush; or leave to penetrate for 5 minutes and then scrub well again. Remove the solution from the surface with a mop; regularly rinsing the mop and wringing it out in water. A water extractor can be used if required. After that; thoroughly mop the floor again 2 or 3 times with clean water. Repeat the treatment if necessary. Wall cleaning: As described above. Always work from top to bottom. Coverage: ± 30-40 m2 per litre. “
  • Brand Name : HG
  • Cube Size : 1432.94

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