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Our M18 FUEL™ ½” High Torque Impact Wrench w/ Pin Detent delivers up to 900 ft-lbs of fastening torque, greater access in tight spaces, and greater durability. The POWERSTATE™ Brushless Motor delivers up to 900 ft-lbs of Fastening Torque and 1,100 ft-lbs of Nut-Busting Torque, providing users with greater power for the most demanding applications. At 7.3” in length, the compact size gives users greater access in tight spaces. The robust design allows users to tackle the most demanding applications on the jobsite all while prolonging tool performance. Our patented battery isolation system ensures a secure battery connection and controls vibration transmitted to the pack. Tri-LEDs surround the anvil to deliver brighter light with fewer shadows. The integrated lanyard loop allows users to easily transfer and store the tool. 4-Mode DRIVE CONTROL™ offers greater precision with a range of pre-set RPM and IPM levels, selectable from a single button on the tool. By selecting Mode 4, AUTO SHUT-OFF™ control applies no more than 50 ft-lbs of torque for hand-tight fastening applications to prevent overtightening. Mode 4 also features Bolt Removal Control that delivers our users full torque output, then decreases RPMs once the bolt is loosened to prevent fastener drops. The ½” Pin Detent anvil design maximizes socket retention.

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