Masonry Screw Drill Set 9pc

Part number: TC900
Product Code : 54497
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Availability: In stock

Masonry Screw Drill Set 9pc

Product Description

The BOSCH line of metal drill bits offers a solution for every professional application. Each bit is manufactured to exacting specifications and features a split point that begins in contact without walking or skidding, eliminating the need for a center hit. BOSCH Black Oxide Tips offer superior durability, speed and selection to withstand most general purpose applications.

From the Manufacturer

Bosch’s Concrete Screw and Anchoring System is the perfect fit for your Concrete and Masonry needs! Electricians, Plumbers and Remodelers are using these systems every day when fastening screws into brick, concrete and block. After using the system at trade shows and in field testing, users are excited by this product. They were even more excited when they learned it was going to be available by Bosch. We are the first name that they think of when purchasing a hammer drill, or carbide, so it is a natural fit.

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