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Availability: In stock

Multifunction, power, and precision are the main features of this innovative tile cutter. 100% Made in Italy. MASTERPIUMA is the lightest among professional tile cutters. Diagonal cutting is safe and simple. Engineered for easy cutting of all types of available ceramics, porcelain, and glass tiles, including glass mosaic. Accurate and extremely powerful ergonomic push scrib handle. Recognized as the most effective lever on the tile cutter market. Set-up, transport, and storage are quick and easy, due to the patented foldable design. This professional snap tile cutter doesn’t need to be dismantled.

  • Maximum cutting length 61″ (155cm)
  • Diagonal cutting length 43″x43″ (109cmx109cm)
  • Can cut all types of tile, with the thickness of 0-22 mm
  • Weight 72.7 lbs (33 kg)
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