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Construction Markers with Versatile Push-in Leads for Clear All-purpose Markings. PICA Big Dry long-life markers with versatile lead refills enable applications on a variety of materials. With a gentle push, you can extend the lead length as you wish. Using the sharpener, you can keep the leads in shape and get the narrowest markings. Besides, you can attach the quiver cap of these markers onto your pocket or tool belt using the 2-catch point clip so that you can access the pencils on the go. It helps you handle them faster and easier one-handedly and saves time. Moreover, the neon green holder makes the pencils easy to find. PICA Big Dry “For All” leads are the most versatile leads. They are ideal to be used on dark and glossy materials. The carpenter leads are 2H-hardness standard graphite leads that work the best on dry timber. The PICA Big Dry stonemason leads have 10H hardness and can be used on rough and dry bricks, stones, concrete, etc. The non-toxic Aniline 2.0 all-weather leads are special graphite leads that even work on wet and oily surfaces. The “Summer Heat” leads, on the other hand, can provide stable marks in temperature levels up to 70°C. All these varieties come in 5mm x 150mm dimensions to fit all PICA pencils. These Big Dry construction markers’ no-slip design helps the pencils grip the smallest lead stump, so you get more lead life without wastage. The shock-resistant holder prevents lead breakage. Besides, the leads are tough and durable. These first-in-class push-in pencils with 2B-graphite rectangular leads can adapt to versatile applications. They are easily refillable with different lead varieties and can be used in many job sites on various surfaces. Be it dry or wet, dusty or oily, or smooth or rough, the markers work just excellent.

The very first carpenter push-pencil!


  • The no-slip design of the PICA Big Dry pencils helps them grip the smallest lead stump tightly to provide more lead life and less wastage.
  • By gently pushing the lead, you get desired length and, using the built-in sharpener, the narrowest tip.
  • The quiver cap attaches to your pockets/tool belts and helps you access the pencils single-handedly.
  • The neon-green holder makes them easily visible even in darker workplaces.
  • This heavy-duty shock-resistant holder prevents lead breakage.

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