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  • Features : Window and Door Foam Sealant with Dispensing Straw • Formulated to fill and insulate around doors and windows without creating any distorsion around the frame. • Excellent adhesion on most materials (except PE/PP, Silicone, Teflon). • Weather resistant closed cell formulation – Will not shrink during freeze or thaw cycles. • High thermal insulation and sound absorption. • Works at ambient temperature between -5°C (23°F) to 40°C (104°F). • Can be cut, sanded or painted approximately 1 hour after application. • Tack free in less than 6 minutes. • Gun grade – This product is design for use with a gun applicator. • Size: 680g (24oz). ProLine POWERSEAL™ minimal expansion Insulating Polyurethane Foam is formulated to fill, insulate and deaden sound around the house or during building construction. Can be used to fill in gaps and voids, window and door installation around the frames, insulation of pipes or any DIY application.This very low-expanding foam improves energy-efficiency with an R facor of 4-5 for each inch of foam in place, creating an airtight, weather resistant bond that seals out drafts and blocks insects and pests.
  • Brand Name : Powerseal

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