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Ramset Ramguard coated .300 Head x .145 shank Powder Actuated Drive Pins for Concrete and Steel. Designed for use in most brands of Low-Velocity Powder Actuated Tools sized for use with .300 Head Pins. Ramset Ramguard Pins are designed to penetrate dense concrete and can also be used in structural steel within their published design parameters. Ramset Pins with Ramguard are manufactured from ductile high strength carbon steel for strength and dependable performance. They also feature the proprietary Ramguard coating which offers superior corrosion resistance and is approved for use when attaching ACQ treated lumber to concrete or steel. They can be used with most powder-actuated tools that fire .22 cal low-velocity charges as well as .27 caliber strip loads and .25 caliber disc loads. Ramset Drive Pins are available with an attached 7/8” O.D.16 gauge round steel washer when a larger bearing surface area against the fastened material is necessary. Sold 100 per box.

Installation Notes:

  1. When anchoring drive pins into concrete a minimum installation depth of 1” (inch) is typically recommended. A 3/4” minimum penetration is noted on the attached Technical Data Sheet but 1” is the preferred minimum depth whenever possible.
  2. To ensure a proper and secure installation when anchoring 1500 Series smooth shank drive pins into structural steel the entire pointed end of the pin should be driven completely through the back of the steel plate. 1500 series smooth shank pins with points not driven through the steel plate will be prone to pull-out and failure under load.
  • Ramguard coating for use in ACQ treated lumber
  • Strong yet ductile, able to penetrate dense concrete and structural quality steel
  • Shank diameter = .145 Head diameter = .300
  • 100 per box
  • Powder actuated fasteners
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