Part number: 105725
Product Code : 196423
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Availability: In stock

Features : • Use as a component of fall arrester with 105718 16mm (5/8in) rope only, the connecting lanyard should not be longer the76cm (30in) according to requirement with CSA Z259.2.5-2017. • Alloy steel with gold galvanized plating to prevent rusting. • Minimum breaking strength: 3600Ib / 16KN. >> TWXpert® Panic Rope Grab is used as a component of fall arrester and should be use with a 16mm (5/8 inches) rope only and a connecting lanyard not longer than 76cm (30in). The Alloy steel material with gold galvanized plating, prevents rusting and provides a minimum breaking strength of 3600Ib / 16KN.
Brand Name : TWXpert
Cube Size : 2944.00

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