SDS-max Speed-X 1×16/21

Part number: HC5051
Product Code : 52696
Availability : In Stock


Availability: In stock

SDS-max Speed-X 1×16/21

Product Description

Bosch carbide rotary hammer bits feature tips that stay sharper longer and deliver more holes within specification than competitive bits. Manufactured to ANSI specification B212.14. SDS-max® rotary hammer bits fit Bosch SDS-max® hammers and competitive SDS-max® drive hammers and Hilti® hammers using TE-Y and TE-FY shanks. Unrivaled power from solid carbide head with robust S-cutter design for added speed and life.

This Bosch 1-inch by 16-inch flute by 21-inch SDS-Max rotary hammer drill bit offers improved performance with its carbide-tipped head with 4 cutting edges. The bit is designed to help reduce vibration when drilling. The bit shaft wears at a slower rate and better withstands repeated use.

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