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  • Features : • Single leg internal shock absorbing lanyard. • Features a steel snap hook and rebar hook, one on each end. • The hooks are alloy steel with gold galvanized plating to prevent rusting with a breaking strength of 3600lb/16KN. • Capacity 180-310 lb (81.7-140 kg) including tools and equipment. • Maximum free-fall distance 6ft (1.8m). • Certified to CSA Z259.11-2017 standards. >> This TWXpert® Shock Absorbing Lanyard is a specific type of safety lanyard used in conjunction with safety harnesses as a part of a fall protection system. Generally, shock absorbing lanyards are used when working at a height of more than six feet above the ground. The unique feature of a shock absorbing lanyard is that it has a built-in woven inner core that expands during the fall to ensure that the fall arrest force is significantly reduced
  • Brand Name : TWXpert
  • Cube Size : 4208.75

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