Shovel Rnd M 39 1/2in Wood D-HDL

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Product Code : 3390
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  • Features : Short Handled Round Pointed Digging Shovel with Hollowback Steel Blade • Overall Tool Length: 39in • Handle Length: 28in • Handle Material: Wood • Handle Colour: Natural Wood • Handle Grip Type: D-Shaped • Blade Type: Grey Hollowback Steel with Clear Lacquer coat • Blade Height: 11-1/2in • Blade Width: 8-1/2in >>The perfect tool to cut and dig through tough, compacted soils, or even rocky soils in tight spaces. The blade comes to a pointed tip and edges that curve slightly. The footplate enables you to use your weight to dig through deep or dense soil.
  • Brand Name : ProYard
  • Cube Size : 0.01
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