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Availability: In stock


Pushing incision, easy and deep with minimum effort, perfect for rough, thick and large tiles.

Ergonomic handle  specific  for pushing incision.

The 16 mm diameter scoring wheel is always clearly visible on the operator side and equipped with  double suspension for the cushioned scoring of  structured tiles.

The scoring wheel rotates on a roller bearing, guided laterally by an anti-friction metal shell inserted   in a CNC milled holder,to avoid friction and lateral clearance.

Wheels diameter 16 mm with internal bearing for maximum smoothness in the scoring phase, also available in TIN coated version.

120 mm wide splitting foot with interchangeable anti-mark protection.

The sliding carriage is clearance-free, thanks to 3 double-row ball bearings that guarantee precision over time without the need for maintenance.

There is an automatic system that  keeps the handle raised facilitate  the insertion of the tile.

Automatic steel compensator for adjusting the slide preload on the rail.

For splitting phase, simply lift the handle to allow automatic rotation of the foot.

The front protective rubber pad absorbs the impact during the incision in order not to damage the base.

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