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Alpha Vetro Glass Diamond Blade

  • Premium quality wet glass cutting blades
  • 4-3/8″ blade – 7/8″, 20mm arbor; 1/32, 1mm thickness
  • 7″, 8″, 10″ blades – 5/8″ arbor; 1/16, 1.6mm thickness
  • Designed for high-speed wet cutting of glass
  • Equipped with a smooth continuous diamond rim and bond hardness best suited for glass and hard vitreous materials to provide cuts with minimal chipping
  • Excellent choice for plunge cutting, trimming near the edges of glass and for cutting an internal radius
  • Must be used wet and when the 4-3/8” size is used on the AWS-110 Wet Stone Cutter it provides a portable dust-free solution to cutting thick glass
  • Cut with minimal chipping even near the edges of glass
  • Waste is kept to a minimum creating a cutting solution that is quite cost-effective
  • The Alpha® Vetro is the ideal blade for the glass contractor looking for a high-speed, portable, long-lasting cutting solution
  • For use on standard tile saws only

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