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SIGMA Tile Cutter 37″ 3D4 Fast and practical engraving Diagonal cut 95 x 95, maximum cutting thickness mm. 19 useful cutting length cm. 95 Net weight: 13.1. Tile Cutter. The ultimate evolution of tile cutters, completely redesigned offers maximum cutting performance and practicality!

The Sigma ART 3D4 Tile Cutter is designed for use in the most demanding situations.
It has a broad table for supporting the biggest of tiles, along with adjustable height this tile cutter allows the user to cut the majority of tiles available today.

The cutter also comes with a measuring bar which rotates both in positive and negative 45 degree directions with positive lock out on pre set angles. Made of cast alloy and high grade steel this cutter is Awesome for ALL professionals and handymen. Italian Made with 3 Year Warranty.

Effective cutting length 95 cm (37″)
Diagonal cut 67 x 67 cm (26″x26″)
Max cutting thickness 20 mm
Net weight 12.8kg
Carton of 1 item:
Carton dimensions 120 x 40 x 24 cm

How to choose the right tile cutter

You need to update your floor or wall tiles in your home to give it a fresh look. However, getting your place to look exactly as you envisioned it to look requires both time as well as the right tools. To make your project look more professional, rather than a DIY project, you need to be prepared with the best tools possible. Firstly, you need a plan from the start of your project till the end and it begins with buying the perfect tile cutter or saw. This guide will help you understand your options and which tile cutter tools suit your needs.

What is the difference between a Tile Cutter and Tile Saw?

Before beginning your tile cutting project, you may be wondering whether you need a tile cutter or a tile saw. A tile cutter is a simple to use, manually operated tool which does not require a power source. A tile cutter scores a straight line across the surface of the tile and the tile breaks due to pressure on the both sides of the breaker. Tile cutters are usually light weight and come in different sizes.

On the other hand, in tile saws, tile cuts are made with the help of diamond blades. A lot of it is generated when using a tile saw, hence it uses a water reservoir which sprays the blade and tile with water to keep it cool. Tile saws are used to cut thick marble tiles.

How to choose the right type of Sigma Tile Cutter

The first and foremost thing you need to consider before beginning your project is which kind of tile cutter you should use. You can either use a manual tile cutter or an electric one.

Manual Tile Cutters

If you are doing a small tilling project, a manual tile cutter is your best bet. A manual tile cutter is more affordable than an electric one. You need to worry about it being weighed down with strength and reinforcement, which would be a requirement in a bigger project. There is more focus on precision in smaller jobs, which a manual cutter can help you attain quite easily. Delicate tiles are usually requires in small projects and manual tile cutters work best on them. These cutters are made of steel and a cutting wheel made of tungsten carbide. Manual tile cutters are not suitable for big projects which require bigger and heavier tiles, however, these are appropriate for small DIY projects.

Electric Tile Cutters

An electric tile cutter is suitable for bigger jobs as it has more power and can cut tiles that are thick, heavy and made of materials like stone and granite. These cutters usually grind through tiles very easily and can cut them in different shapes, rather than a straight or diagonal line like with a manual cutter. Electric cutters are ideal for big commercial projects or large residential projects.

Determine the size and thickness of your tile cutter

When choosing a tile cutter, it is important to consider its size. You can define the size of a tile cutter in two ways. The first aspect is that it needs to be strong enough to complete your job. For instance, if you are using heavy duty tiles for tiling, the cutter you are using needs to cut rapidly and have strength and proper breaking power to clear cuts that are smooth. The second aspect is that the cutter needs to be able to be the right length depending on the size of the tile that you using. Large tile cutters can be used for small tiles, but small tile cutters cannot be used for larger ones. For a possible cut to be made, the tile needs to fit in the tile cutter. The length and size is usually labelled on the packaging and it tells you how big a tile it can handle.

Choosing the tile cutter based on the material that needs to be cut

If you need to cut a tougher material, your tile cutter needs to be stronger. Materials like ceramic or porcelain do not require a tile cutter with durability and strength, hence can be cut with a manual tile cutter. However, materials like granite or stone, which are hard materials, need an electric wet saw or hand grinder. Tiles that are hard can be start with a hand grinder, but the the quality of the cut is dependent on which kind of diamond blade is used. For instance, if you need to cut a 12 inch ceramic tile, you need a tile cutter that is small and inexpensive, however, a stronger and larger tile cutter is required, which is typically more expensive to cut large and thick porcelain tiles.

Difference between push and pull tile cutters

When choosing a tile cutter, you need to consider either a push or pull operative movement. 

The push tile cutters are beneficial to use as the arm and pulse movement is very natural and is much easier on the wrist. As the arm movement is push tile cutter is linear and efficient, it enables better management of incision power, which pushes the handle away towards the guide. For cutting large tiles, the push type movement is quite a natural arm extension. However in the push tile cutters, the measurement square is away from the user. 

In pull tile cutters, the management square is closer to the user, unlike the pulsh tile cutter, which enables them better vision while cutting. The person using these cutters can stabilise the tile with their knee while cutting. However, in these tile cutters, the pull movement is not very natural and take longer to perfect. It is not the easiest tool for a beginner as it is difficult to apply the perfect amount of pressure.

Accessories required for tile cutters

Some of the accessories  that you require with a tile cutter are carbide cutting wheels, rubber mats, tile scribers, maintenance kits and carrying kits. Some tile cutters come with these accessories, however, in other cases you might need to buy them separately. 

Why Choose Tool Academy for Sigma Tile cutter?

Sigma tile cutters are trusted both by homeowners as well as contractors. We carry a number of Sigma tiles cutters for your tiling needs. If you are in the process of stocking up the perfect tools for your tiling project, you have come to the right place. We give you expert advice about which sigma tile cutter you would need. We offer a vast variety of products, including tiling tools, power tools, hand tools, marble, granite, flooring products, tile installers and sigma tools. If you have any questions regarding different kinds of sigma tile cutter and accessories, you can contact us and our helpful staff, who are all experts in the construction industry will help you. 

We stand out from the rest of the competitors in the industry as we ensure that we provide quality products to all our clients. We make sure that our customers are getting the best world class products. We pride ourselves in offering the most competitive prices in the industry.

Tool Academy offers a huge range of professional tile cutters from top manufacturers like Sigma. Whether you are looking to ceramic, porcelain or stone tiles, you will discover our wide range of cutters. We offer a very broad range of models in a variety of sizes, thickness and cutting lengths. Our Sigma tile cutter come in those push and pull action, making it easy for you to choose the right cutter for your tiling work. Tool Academy has the largest tile cutter collection available and we are committed to provide top most quality products to all our customers. Whether you are a DIY enthusiast or a professional tiler, you have come to the right place.

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